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Peg + Cat: The Pirate Problem: A Level 2 Reader

Can Peg and Cat keep the peace among some hungry pirates? Figuring out how to divvy up a pile of peaches turns into a handy lesson on fair sharing.

When Peg and Cat encounter hungry pirates by the seashore, they've got to think fast. Pirates get cranky when they're hungry, and when pirates are cranky, they sing -- really badly! To spare their ears, Peg and Cat must make sure each pirate gets his fair share of fruit -- the same amount for everyone. And when a sneaky monkey steals a few peaches, Peg and Cat have to divide the fruit up all over again. Will they be able to give everyone an equal share and keep those pirates from singing their really badly?
By: Oxley, Jennifer | Type: Regular Hardback

Jul 03 - Jul 05

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